About Me

I am Sandeep Choudhary, started my career from HP as a System Engineer from there only got interest in networking, then I moved to Germany  for further studies. iN between the course I decided to take internship in networking field, finally got a company who agreed to give me a Intern+Thesis in Technology Management field(Management of Ticketing tools+ support network and server team). From there on  started preparing for CCNA certification. Then I didn’t looked back, studied these 2(ICND1+2) books for at-least 6 months and booked the slot for CCNA R&S on October 2013. I started reading more and more about networking and tried to solve as many labs as possible.

I got CCNA packet tracer labs from my colleague in Company, that was very helpful to understand the concepts.
The day finally arrived for exam: Passes with 9xx marks, Even I couldn’t believe that moment that I passed it.

After finishing my studies joined a company as Network Engineer, from there only I got interest in Wireless.
Current company environment gives me enough challenges to keep me motivated in my current role as  Network Engineer while giving me lots of opportunity to learn and roam around the world.

I wrote this blog while preparing of CCIE Wireless certification!!!! I will try to keep this blog updated…… 🙂
@Update: I passed CCIE wireless exam in march 2015.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sandeep,
    First i introduce my self.
    My name is Yasib Ahmed and i am from Bangladesh. Currently I am working as a network Engineer in an IT Company. I am certified on both CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, CCNP Wireless(Part-1), NSE-3, CCNSP, and IP Passport Level one.

    Few days back you help me to solve some AP related issues in cisco support forum. I have read your blog and it open my eyes and changes my way of thinking. So i decide to become a CCIE Wireless certified like you.I don’t have your mail address, so that why i am pock you on this blog.

    It would be very helpful and grateful for me if you guide me the right path of this journey. You will always be my mentor. Please help me to achieve this tough certification under your guidelines.

    You have my mail address and i am waiting for your replay.

    Yasib Ahmed

    1. Hi Yasib,
      I am very happy that you are interested to go for CCIE wirless. As you wrote that you are CCNP-W certied so you must go for the higher.
      Here is my post about “

      Please also check the new syllabus of CCIE Wireless 3.1


    2. Hi Yasib

      I have also started this journey, maybe we can share amterial and experiences on this track, let me know if you are interested 🙂

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