About Me

I am Sandeep ….a Cricket Enthusiast.


Network Engineer with over 8 years working with wireless/routing technologies mainly on Cisco products. Special Focus on indoor wireless, WAN routing and wireless security which includes knowledge of various radius servers (Cisco ACS and Cisco ISE).

  • Cisco  Designated VIP 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • CCIE Wireless (CCIEW)

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sandeep,
    First i introduce my self.
    My name is Yasib Ahmed and i am from Bangladesh. Currently I am working as a network Engineer in an IT Company. I am certified on both CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, CCNP Wireless(Part-1), NSE-3, CCNSP, and IP Passport Level one.

    Few days back you help me to solve some AP related issues in cisco support forum. I have read your blog and it open my eyes and changes my way of thinking. So i decide to become a CCIE Wireless certified like you.I don’t have your mail address, so that why i am pock you on this blog.

    It would be very helpful and grateful for me if you guide me the right path of this journey. You will always be my mentor. Please help me to achieve this tough certification under your guidelines.

    You have my mail address and i am waiting for your replay.

    Yasib Ahmed

    1. Hi Yasib,
      I am very happy that you are interested to go for CCIE wirless. As you wrote that you are CCNP-W certied so you must go for the higher.
      Here is my post about “

      Please also check the new syllabus of CCIE Wireless 3.1


    2. Hi Yasib

      I have also started this journey, maybe we can share amterial and experiences on this track, let me know if you are interested 🙂

  2. I want to learn about WLC ,APS .i am working in a company on WLC but i have doing basic thing work as sometimes reset APS or i user mac addrss adding in Tab security-mac filtering or just traceing what user ip getting.my bosh did not allowed to do advanced thing.some times i just error logs in ACS.Plz help me what is advanced thing happening in company on WLC

  3. Hello! Thank you for this blog!
    I like read this.
    Can you please help me?
    So. I have a problem btw wlc 5520 ( firmware) and proxy servers.
    I run Wireshark on workstation and try open any links. Sites open from the 5th time, if you work through wi-fi.
    But through the wire any sites open without problems
    where to look for the problem?
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Sandeep.

    I am Tanmay from India Kolkata. Basically I am working with a SI company as sr. Network Engineer. I Did CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S. I have done few of cisco wireless projects. One of them is In India’s first 20KM wifi corridor project.

    First of all Thank you very much.

    I found your solution on 2504 N+1 HA its very use full. Very nice document. I got success using your doc.
    I did SSO HA in 5508 but first time I did in 2504 by following your document.

    I have question to you that is in 2504 is SSO HA possible ? if yes plz tell me How.

    Again Thank you very much.

  5. Hi Sandeep, I try to follow your article “Autonomous AP as Repeater with WPA2” but the repeater didn’t provide a IP WLAN clients.
    I have a simple BOX which act as DHCP server, wired to the first AP, on which client get an IP and everything is ok.
    I use your command, but remove everything related to VLAN 80.

  6. Hi Sandeep,
    I am surjeet from new delhi and planning to ccie in wireless, I need you guidance and also want to know if any institute suggested..
    I am happy to follow your website, so informative
    Thank you

    1. Hi Surjeet,
      I am glad that my blog helping you and motivating you to go for CCIE ! Regarding the CCIEW planning/study guide , I would recommand: 1. To go through the books which is mentioned in my post”https://rscciew.wordpress.com/category/ccie-wireless-gyan/”. Its bit old but still very useful to get the basic concepts. 2. Have a look on website”networkdojo.com”, it provides practice workbooks/Lab material.

      FYI: I used IP-Experts workbooks/practice labs.


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