Finally done with 1st phase(CCIEW Written)

28th March 2014 – Took holiday from work, good weather, mind rotating with some tricky question for CCIE wireless exam and finally the India Vs Bangladesh WT20 2014 win made my day more wonderful.

Lets come to the point: Finally today I passed the CCIE Wireless Written exam.

Summary about my journey to CCIE Wireless Written, It may help guys who are going with same path.

Do some research and get encouragement from the guys who not only have 1 ……may have 5-6 CCIE certificate in hand.

Here are some:

Just read these blogs, these guys are awesome, there story encouraged me each and every day to study hard.

Strategy to Clear written EXAM:

  • 1. Plan your Journey in proper manner.
  • 2. Prepare what to read.
  • 3. Do not concentrate on lab directly(Just understand theoretical concepts)
  • 4. Try to get sample test papers.

Plan is to study all Cisco quick reference guide by Jerome Henry.

CCNA (640-722-IUWNE) Quick Reference by Jerome Henry

CCNP (642-732 -CUWSS) Quick Reference ,2nd Edition by Jerome Henry

CCNP Wireless (642-737 IAUWS) Quick Reference by Jerome Henry

CCNP Wireless (642-747 IUWMS) Quick Reference, 2nd Edition by Jerome Henry

CCNP Wireless (642-742 IUWVN) Quick Reference by Jerome Henry

CCIE Wireless Exam (350-050) Quick Reference

Study once , twice ……as much as u can..

There are many things you must do:

Try to visit Cislo live presentation.
Cisco Support Community forum – Visit Everyday and try to solve at-least 1-2 problems or check some resolved question on forum.
Get some encouragement from good blogs.
Try to Read the quick reference guide (all above 6 books with latest edition)
Find some sample questions from internet and try to solve.

Now the real challenging part is to prepar for the LAB exam. There are mainly 2 big providers available for CCIEW lab preparation material: IP Expert or Fastlane.
My company is not paying anything except 5 day instructor training with Fastlane for CCIE Wireless Power workshop.(something is better than nothing) and will try to buy somestuff from one of the provider.
One of my friend gave the IP expert Workbook so in my holiday time i can have a quick look and then from may 2014 will start my LAB journey.

Thanks all the Guys who supported me directly or indirectly.