Finally got my CCIE Number

Went for 2nd time and this time was lucky to get over to it 🙂

I failed in first attempt and felt that I can never pass this exam but didn’t loose my hope.

Got Two Main Benefit before going for 2nd Attempt:

1. Knew the topology (though it was not completely same)
2. Pattern of the LAB exam.

There are several people I would like to take the opportunity to thank for helping me complete this certification.

I got a very good support from my friends, they were/are with me in my entire journey of the LAB exam. Most important person who helped is my wife, without her it was not possible to crack this exam.

Furthermore, I am thankful to everyone that has participated in any way. You have been an integral part of my journey.


Now what:

This exam was based on very old software and hardware…..

1. Master ISE
2. Master WLC with new code
3. Converged AP/WLC
4. Week-points: VoWLAN and Sitesurvey