Reset a Autonomous AP to factory default by Mode Button

Here is the process to reset Standalone AP to Factory Default


  1. Remove the power supply from the Access Point.
  2. Press and hold the MODE button while reconnect the power to AP.
  3. Press MODE button till the Ethernet LED turns to RED (or Amber), then release the button (Pressing time will be around 10-20 seconds). Sometime AP will go in to boot mode, then we must enter command “boot”  and press enter.
  4. Now Access Point will reboot and we can configure again via console or web interface.

Note: Cisco APs have a default configuration that includes a user name and password combination, both of which are Cisco. After we reset to factory defaults, be ready to give Cisco as both the username and password when either the GUI or the command-line interface (CLI) prompts us.