Multicast in Mesh Mode

In this post we will learn about multicast in Mesh environment.

It’s a big issue for mesh network if multicast packets are forwarded to all destinations result in overload the mesh Backhaul. The Main aim is to reduce the number of multicast packets on the backhaul.

There are three modes for multicast in mesh:

  1. Regular
  2. In Mode
  3. In-Out Mode

Regular: It’s the same as hub works to flood the packets means if a multicast packet received and subsequently flooded to all ports.

In Mode:

  • As name indicate its Very Restrictive mode
  • Means Way-up only.
  • Multicast packets that originated on a MAP Ethernet are sent to the MAPs parent or RAP only.
  • Multicast packets coming in from the parent to the MAP, is dropped.
  • Multicast packets coming in on the RAP Ethernet port is dropped by the RAP itself.
  • Multicast packets coming in over the air from the child send to the parent only.

In-Out Mode:

  • Mixed of regular and IN mode
  • IN-mode rules will apply for a packet going from MAP -> RAP -> RAP’s primary LAN
  • Regular mode rules apply for a packet going from Primary LAN -> RAP -> MAP direction

Configuration multicast mode on WLC for mesh AP:

(WLAN1) >config network multicast global enable
(WLAN1) >config mesh multicast ?
 in-only        Configure Mesh Multicast In Mode.
 in-out         Configure Mesh Multicast In-Out Mode.
 regular        Configure Mesh Multicast Regular Mode.
(WLAN1) >config mesh multicast in-out

More detail about Mesh AP detail: