Failed in first attempt@CCIE Wireless

Yesterday I did my first attempt and still waiting for the result but I know i will fail for sure.

What went wrong:

1. Was too nervous
Once I got the Cisco questionnaire…I was in double mind..should i start now or read all question…and I wasted more then 1 hours on this.
2. Too many question/sub-question in exam
There are many question or sub-question in exam. and that was too tricky to handle it.
3. ACS and Autonomous section is my weak-point
Even i did not understand the real question after reading many times. Now we can think of the CCIE level.
4. Due to nervousness i configured wrong pod number on my WLANs and then i deleted all &  configured again(waste of time)
5. Dont have LAB at home this is major drawback

Now again will start my journey, track my progress status after that will book my LAB again.


@Update_02.02.2015: Today I got a confirmation mail and the word they wrote as “failed“.