is it possible to crack CCIEW LAB in first attempt ?(will try…..)

Today with few hesitation Finally booked my slot for LAB exam in Brussels, Belgium. After passing Written exam I was very lazy,went for holidays due to that diverted my attention and then while playing cricket broke my ring finger, its got operated on 13th may and fixed with the help of rod and covered(plaster cast). Nevertheless, I have to start my journey and have to learn many things.

Will crack or not but want to learn as much as possible to motivate my self to get enough knowledge that’s My AIM.

LAB Exam Date: 30 January 2015


I got IPexpert WB volume 1 & 2 and  have small setup in my test LAB that inculdes:

2 X 2504 WLC
2 X 3750 Series Switch
1 X 1242 AG AP
1 X 2602 AP
1 X PI

I dont have many things but first will read/ learn all Cisco tech-notes,then end of this year will try to practice on Fast-lane/ IP-Expert racks.May be my company will also provide me 5 day instructor training this year(Hope for the best).

I am not thinking about 2nd attempt so please anyone who is going for same path or have already gone through this then please advice/suggest, it will be fruitful for me and as well as for other aspirants.

Only 7 Month left………..