Wired Guest Access with two WLC

In this post we will learn how to implement wired guest access with only two WLC.

DMZ and Internal WLC Scenario:

Here is my Topology:


Foreign WLC Configuration:

  1. Configure a dynamic interface (in my case: wiredguestin) for wired guest user access on foreign WLC.
  2. Create a WLAN and assign the Ingess interface to wiredguestin(created in last step) and egress interface to management.
  3. Assign Mobility anchor to WLAN.

Foreign WLC:

Step1: Create a wired interface on WLC2:


Step2: WLAN creation on WLC2:


Step3: Assign the mobility anchor for right WLAN:



Anchor WLC Configuration:

  1. Configure a normal dynamic interface(In my cast it is guest) in which we want to assign to have IP for guest.( already created )
  2. Create a wired LAN for guest user access.
  3. Assign the mobility anchor to self(Means local)
  4. Create a test users locally on WLC
  5. Verification

Anchor WLC (WLC1):

I have already created a guest interface on my WLC to have internet access.

Step1: Skip

Step2: Create a WLAN (Same as we did on WLC2-Foreign WLC). Make sure that here we assign the interface in which we want to put clients (In my case its guest)

Assign Ingress interface as None and Egress as guest


Step3: Assign Mobility anchor to self (Means local 🙂


Step4: Local guest user creation



Foreign WLC (WLC2):


Anchor WLC (WLC1):





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