Calling & Called station ID

In this post we will learn / see how there format looks like with an example. It’s very important to know these because in exam we may need to create a policy using this.

My topology:



AP Details:


Default Format:

Called-Station-ID: Normally Contains (1) the MAC address of the Access Point and (2) the SSID on which the wireless device is connecting. These 2 fields are separated by a colon.  Example: “AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF:SSID_NAME”.

Calling-Station-ID: Contains the MAC address of the wireless device.  Example: “AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF”.

Local mode AP:

Let’s see the log:

***I removed the middle part


Here our Called-Station ID is: 38-1c-1a-c5-66-20:RSCCIEW


Calling Station-ID: F8:16:54:20:F4:C2 (this is from ISE), Normally ACS 5.2 shows like this (F8-16-54-20-F4-C2)

HREAP Connected Mode

*** In HREAP Connected mode it’s the same as in Local mode.

Called-Station ID is: 38-1c-1a-c5-66-20:RSCCIEW

Calling Station-ID: F8-16-54-20-F4-C2

HREAP Standalone Mode

***In HREAP standalone mode its bit different:

Called-Station-ID: 381c.1ac5.6621

*** Its BSSID(We can also find it via command line: show ap wlan 802.11a/b <AP name>)

Calling Station-ID: F816.5420.F4C2

(Not mentioned SSID name in called station-id and also the last number is 21 because its add the WLAN id to its mac address)

*** My wlan id is 2.

ACS Policies based on SSID

If we need to Create Policy in ACL which needs to be include SSID then either we must use the End Station Filters or we need to create a custom profile(Policy Elements > Session Conditions > Custom)

End Station filter:

Policy > Network Conditions > End Station Filters

Create a new and enter the *SSID_Name(example – *RSCCIEW) unders CLI/DNIS.


Note: *RSCCIEW must be under DNIS but here in ACS it shows under CLI (This is due to bug-CSCtk16271).To resolve this we must click submit again to swap these entry.

Custom Profile:

Then click on Create, give the name to this custom profile.

Under Condition Tab:

We must use Dictionary: Radius-IETF

Attribute: Called-Station-ID

Policy Elements > Session Conditions > Custom


That’s all about Calling and Called Station ID 🙂 don’t have much time otherwise would love to go more in to details.


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