Customized Webauth Page Error

In this post we will learn about how to tar the webauth bundle and which software we need to use it to compress.

Today I spent almost 3 hours to upload webauth bundle to WLC.

I tried to archive tar file by using these software.
1. Power Archiver
2. 7 Zip
3. Winzip

But that always give me this error:


I tried with both above mentioned software but that couldn’t work. It shows that’s there is something wrong with the tar file.

There are some limitations with custom webauth that vary with versions and bugs. Things to watch for include:

***The .tar file size (no more than 1Mb)
***The number of files in the .tar(I did not find a single document which shows the max number of files in .tar file)
***The filename length of the files (should be no more than 30 characters)

I have these files in my .tar:


***I was having Evaluation PicoZip software earlier and it worked for me but now it’s expired. (So if you have it I think it will/should work, at-least it worked for me)

But frankly speaking I don’t believe that any windows based software will work.

I have already told that today I wasted almost 3 hours to get it work.
The magic software through which I Finally got it working is: CYGWIN (It worked for me like a charm)

From here we can download:

How to use this:
I am not good at linux but what I used here is very basic commands.

1. Make a directory

 $ mkdir webauth

2. Put the all files under this directory


3. Then jump to this directory

 $ cd webauth

Check which files are under this directory?

RSCCIEW ~/webauth
 $ ls
 aup.html failed.html login.html logout.html yourlogo.jpg

4. Now start archiving into .tar format

RSCCIEW ~/webauth
 $ tar -cvf testwebauth.tar *

5. Verify .tar file under the directory

RSCCIEW ~/webauth
 $ ls
 aup.html failed.html login.html logout.html testwebauth.tar yourlogo.jpg
RSCCIEW ~/webauth

That’s it.

Now let’s go to WLC and try to upload this file (testwebauth.tar ).

***Don’t forget to put this file in the root directory for TFTP server




That must/should be successful.

4 thoughts on “Customized Webauth Page Error

  1. How do you specifiy which pages to use for logout and fialed?
    Could you send an example package or your tar to examine?

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