Intra-Controller Roaming

If a client roams between APs on the same controller, it is called an intra-controller mobility event. Intra-controller roaming is the most simplistic in that all the controller needs to do is update the database with the AP association and establish new security contexts if necessary. Basically, the Layer 3–related mobility is handled by the controller, and the link layer mobility is handled by the AP. As the client roams, the controller updates the client state. The client traffic then flows through the new AP LWAPP/CAPWAP tunnel to the controller and out on the network. Figure 9-1 illustrates an intra-controller roam

Intra Controller Roaming

I will not go in details for these because it is the simplest Roaming 🙂

More info about Roaming, please visit this post: Mobility Basics

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