Upgrade IOS on Cisco autonomous AP

In this post we will see the software upgrade on Autonomous AP.

Normally upgrade is performed in order to take advantage of the new features or if there bug in old IOS or this is the standard from company side to upgrade to the latest version of IOS on AP…there can be many reason to up-gradation.

IOS upgrade on standalone AP can be done by two ways:

  • GUI
  • CLI

Via CLI:

Step1: Download a new IOS image from cisco.com for respective AP model.

Step2: Open TFTP server on a notebook.

Step3: Put this new image on TFTP root directory.

Step4: Here come two things:

      1. Do you want to overwrite the old image?
      2. Do you want to keep the old image and also want to install new one. ?

Step5: Let’s say: we want to overwrite the old IOS, then we must use this command:

 AP#archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp://location/image-name

overwrite option overwrites the software image in flash with the downloaded image.

reload option reloads the system after you download the image unless the configuration is changed and not saved.

 location, specify the IP address of the TFTP server.

image name, specify the Cisco IOS filename that you plan to use to upgrade the access point

Step6: Let’s say: We want to keep the old IOS and install the new one on AP, then issue this command:

AP#archive download-sw /leave-old-sw /reload tftp://location/image-name

*** If there not so much space then in between download process a error message will be displayed and it will stop the download.

Step7: After download a new IOS, AP will reload or you have to manually reload the AP.

Step8: Verify with show version command about the new software version.

Via GUI:

Step1: Download the new IOS from cisco.com by your CCO id.

Step2: Open TFTP server and put the new image in TFTP root directory.

Step3: Login to AP GUI, click on the System Software menu from the left hand side. Choose the Software Upgrade option. (On this page we can see the present system software version)

Step4: From the software upgrade page, choose TFTP upgrade.

Step5: Enter the IP of TFTP server and the image name.

Step6: Click upgrade.



2 thoughts on “Upgrade IOS on Cisco autonomous AP

  1. hi there – i have a really old ios version that doesn’t seem to support or have this archive function that almost every other blog or forum speaks of – any ideas how to upload/download the autonomous ios image onto the wap thanks?

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