WLC CLI Commands with GUI Part1

In this post we will see the the CLI commands for Wireless Lan controller with WLC GUI.

This is not done by me, I just added few commands, rest i copied or downloaded the excel file from Rasika Post.

I am sharing this, may be it will fruitful for the aspirants of CCIEs or Wireless Engineers to troubleshoot or use.

So lets have a look 🙂

Controller > General

Controller > Multicast


Controller > Mobility Anchor
Controller-Mobility Anchor

Controller > CDP

Controller > Advanced

WLAN > Advanced

Wireless > Access Point > General
Wireless-Access Point-General1

Wireless > Access Point > Advanced
Wireless-Access Point-General2

Wireless > Radios> 802.11a/n
Wireless-Access Point-General3

Wireless-Access Point-General4

Wireless > AP Configuration
Wireless-Access Point-General5

Continue part 2………

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